Helpful guides for designing digital marketing strategy across industries and countries

Quick useful tips and guides to help you with your digital marketing strategies:

ananthv speaker digital marketing roi

1. Analytics: Understand your prospects / customer journey, buyer persona pain areas & affinities. Look at your analytics & create content strategy that adds real value to your end users.

2. PPC: Invest in ads across platforms. Experiment with different tools that allow you to be where your end users are. Include native advertising, programmatic advertising wherever relevant & strive for User Generated Content (UGC).

3. omnichannel marketing: Few customers might find using apps easy, others might find forums, chats, blog post articles or website more resourceful whereas there might be a cohort of users who might feel social networking sites helps them interact & engage with brands in real-time. So having an omni-channel marketing integrated as part of your (IMC) Integrated marketing communications empowers your organization to reach the right set of users based on tools, process etc that they are comfortable using

4. SEO & Content Marketing: Generate valuable content for readers regularly

5. Digital Skills: Ensure that the learning curve never ends

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