Corporate training for FMCG on digital marketing and brand loyalty

Brand loyalty for FMCG is clearly being put to test

So when a FMCG business reached out to us with specific idea to train their core decision making teams on things that would help them handle the sudden shift in overall environment, we put together a very customized Training program and delivered through live video training, case studies and even hands-on digital marketing strategies
FMCG training c suite management digital marketing course online
The program was attended by a very small cohort of members of their #Csuite and #marketing team
The below mentioned information has been published after approval from them.
As a business, especially in FMCG today, it is core to be able to deal with the following without fail:
– Communicating online during COVID-19
– Empathy through Content conversations
– Impact of pricing, control of bulk purchases, offers & deals
– Automation: When is it ok and when is it not
– Brand Monitoring and Sentiment Analysis
– Real-time engagement delivers better results than ads
– Importance of integrating a common communication path between logistics & sales delivery
– How can you add real value today to your community as a business and an organization through digital channels
Do share your thoughts on this. What else could a FMCG brand focus on today
Techdivine Creative Services Your SMQ Social Media Quotient
In case of any queries, feel free to Inbox me for further details
Or for Custom designed Corporate Training programs for your organization, reach us here
Ananth V

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