Karma, Life balances itself, be patient

corporate training speaker coach mentor career development learning
I wasn’t given a 5% raise when I was eligible for 15% based on my Employee review as I was among the top 3 performing employees from a total of 3500 professionals The then boss told me, you don’t get a raise based on employee feedback, unless your boss says yes. This is corporate, you need to know to play the game to get to the top & you clearly cant get to the top. I approve raise for only those people I like, you aren’t in my league”
It was unprofessional & hurtful. After working so hard & earning the right, I was denied. I put my resignation
12 years later I was a keynote speaker at an elite management institute where the CEO of that old company was the Chief Guest. I spoke, the CEO congratulated me on being eloquent, insightful & invited me as a corporate trainer for his organization, unaware of my past association with his company
I got hired for conducting 30 days of training through the year & I was paid literally 30 times of what I was paid back then
The wonderful part was, the ex-boss met me & said, “I knew it was you, when I read your name. I always knew you would reach great heights. You have accomplished so much. Join me for a drink”
I said, ‘I don’t drink & today I agree, we aren’t in the same league anymore. Good day”

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