Always do what’s best for your clients, even if it can cost you business

“Ananth, you have been very difficult to interact with & rigid during the past months and we Thank You as an institution for your values & morals. Long story short, PFA, agreement to conduct training for MBA students on luxury management, Digital marketing, retail marketing, during the year”

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An elite management institute had approached me to deliver sessions as a Visiting faculty.

After going through the curriculum, I wrote back to them saying the curriculum needed revisions to ensure students were industry-ready for current situation. They refused & after few email exchanges, called off the offer for us to train them.

Out of the blue I got the contract, I was elated & I wrote, “Dear Sir, it was very difficult for me to say no because we too lost lot of business due to ongoing conditions. But I asked myself, not as a business professional, but as a student, whether the curriculum would help me add real valuable skill according to industry today & the answer was no. So as a businessman, I desperately wanted to say yes, but morally, I knew I had to say no. Your students are blessed to have a Dean who decides whats best for them. Thank You”

Always do what’s best for your clients, even if it can cost you business. Good clients will not only appreciate it, will respect you for it.

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