Not everything should be about competition & just money, even in business #MutualRespect

“We got a client out of nowhere. We had put zero efforts to acquire them & were curious, how that happened”
corporate trainer speaker coach motivation training entrepreneur
Finally, when I came to know, I was all the more surprised. It was a referral with 100% recommendation of #trust in us from a competitor
I spoke to the Founder of that competing company & when I introduced myself, she immediately said, “Hi Ananth, so nice to hear from you after a decade”
I was confused because I had no clue who she was
It turned out, 10 years ago, when I had started my #digitalagency she was working for my client in their #marketing team. She & her team were put down by their boss constantly. It seems, I was at one such meeting & (not knowing her personally) I stood up & spoke for their entire team saying their efforts made a huge contribution to ROI & at that time, it seems, they all desperately needed someone to stand up for them.
She resigned from that organization & started her own digital agency which is doing quite well today
Recently, she got an enquiry from a close personal friend & when she felt the services was more than she could handle, she recommended my company & asked them to trust us 100%
Feels good when you can turn competitors into friends #Life

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