Tough times don’t last, but tough people do #NeverGiveUp

Sharing this image as a sign of hope positivity for all of us who need this right now
digital agency marketing social media corporate training speaker
I have been receiving lots of messages from students & those who lost their job asking me to share something positive as they are assuming from my posts that things are going great for us. We too lost lot of clients, payments from many clients yet to be received, yet payments made by us to those who can’t afford to wait… all of it, while keeping our faith on!
So this message is for each one of us
I had clicked this outside my very 1st office 10 years ago when I started my entrepreneurial journey after working in the corporate world for 8 years
The story behind when I clicked reminds me of a time of hope
I had started my digital agency with just Rs.500/- & a laptop a little more than a decade ago with lots of family responsibilities hanging in the balance
Few years after I started my business, things took an ugly turn. Market was down & there was chaos. We lost clients, team members, my health, things got very difficult
One fine morning, when I was standing outside my office contemplating shutting down my business when I got an email with few clients confirming their annual contracts with us & I clicked this pic
It reminds me never give up
Tough times don’t last, but tough people do

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