ROI success for Education and Retail industry using digital marketing social media

ROI of 250% and 300%

We achieved the above ROI success across industries of Education and Retail Clothing using digital marketing for our client brand partners

ROI success education retail clothing digital agency Ananth V

This post originally appeared here: LinkedIn Digital Agency ROI Success Education and Retail industries

Helpful points for digital marketers & Organizations:

1) Merely running ads does not convert to consistent ROI
2) Prior to working with our digital agency Techdivine Creative Services both the organizations were running ads since a long time but with poor ROI, high Customer Acquisition cost, poor brand sentiment, lots of negative reviews, low referrals & poor customer lifetime value. But, by using the right combination of digital strategy we ensured a balance across all the above while delivering excellent ROI for the brands

Industry: Education
Strategy & Platform: Facebook ADS, Blog, SEO
Total Sales: Rs.9,74,750/-
Total sales transactions through our ads: 2,785 (out of 4,300 transactions)
Duration: 3 months
Total budget of Facebook ads: Rs.1,50,000/-
Additional budget: SEO / Blog writing / Brand monitoring
ROI: 250% Plus

Industry: Retail: Clothing
Total Sales: Rs.9,07,000/-
Google Adwords: 3,500 clicks
Ads Spent Rs. 60,600/-
Duration: 3 months
Additional budget: SEO / Blog writing / ORM / Sentiment Analysis / Third party Live Chats / Live events
ROI: 300% Plus

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