Digital agency ROI Success using google adwords social media marketing

Which one will you pick?

(Same client, same budget, different months & same campaign goal)

We ran these campaigns in google adwords for one of our client brand partners.

You can see the changes in ROI, customer acquisition cost, number of clicks, conversion rates as shared in the image below.

We kept tweaking based on learning about the customers, customer journey mapping, digital touchpoints, understanding the buyer persona more clearly and delivering more focused and targeted campaigns.

This enabled us to deliver ROI of over 200%

A) 6,700 clicks with Rs.2,55,000/- actual sales ROI with Customer Acquisition Cost at Rs.76.35/-

B) 1,700 clicks with Rs.4,91,000/- actual sales ROI with Customer Acquisition Cost at Rs.12.98/-

C) 2,340 clicks with Rs.1.01 Million actual sales ROI with Customer Acquisition Cost at Rs.11.93/-

Google Adwords Conversions Digital agency speaker training

The learning curve never ends

Remember, you are growing, if you keep questioning for the right reasons and keep learning because you love to!

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