4 successful digital marketing Social Media ROI strategies

4 Strategies that you might find useful.
These four strategies helped us achieve 220%+ ROI for our client brand partner using digital marketing and social media
High ROI Digital agency
1) Brand communication: Using analytics: Understanding customers communication tone, buzz word, language they are comfortable with & designing messaging for ads, social media posts, accordingly with constant tweaks. Less focus on graphics & more on the actual messaging showed us an increase from 173% to 220% + ROI
2) PPC: Adwords: Constantly keeping a tab & tracking the ads on geo-centric google adwords campaign & running only those that give the best returns for the client at all times
3) Using social media to understand what products really appeal to customers, what offers are they reacting best to & which ones are least responded to. Sharing the message with the client & tweaking offers, deals & even pricing accordingly to get best ROI
4) Gamification: Ensuring there is an easy way to integrate loyalty rewards. The client ensured they have complete trust in us & gave us full authority to come up with marketing plans, advertising offers & loyalty points reward ideas
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