Never give up, that dream career, is just around the corner

I never got that call for an interview
Don’t stress (I know it is easier said than done), if you did not get a call back for the job you know you deserved, it’s not you, it’s not them either. It’s just that the timing isn’t right
Back when I was working as an employee, I too aspired to join a particular organization
I applied there 4 times over a period of 8 years & not once did I even get a call back for an interview
Then, time took it’s own course & after 18 years of working (of which 10 years being an entrepreneur running my digital agency), I got a call from that same company to plan, design, implement their entire digital strategy
They called, agreed to all of our terms, signed the contract, all in one single day & we designed the campaigns, delivered high ROI & their MD called me to congratulate
His exact words were, “Ananth, Thank You! We should have had someone like you in our team. Though I guess you would have never applied for a job here, being a successful entrepreneur & all. You delivered 240% ROI & made it look so easy. Great work”
I said Thank You, simply expressed my gratitude & ended the call
Don’t doubt yourself if you haven’t got your dream job. It’s just around the corner, worth the wait & will turn out better than what you had imagined! Never Give Up

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