Branding key rules

Branding, key rules Branding is a core aspect of any business, whether a large corporation or a business individual or a professional. Branding is everything when done right! Today, corporations spend millions of dollars in every economy to make sure their BRANDS are being effectively managed. They mostly end up running their brand campaigns with…… Continue reading Branding key rules

Technology top news for the week

Technology top news for the week 1. Track when that GMAIL email of yours was really read! 2. Headphones that will help you to stay FIT too. 3. WikiBear a Siri-like bear that searches for answers from the internet and talks to you —– 1. Find Out When That Email You Sent Was Read Streak…… Continue reading Technology top news for the week

Hiranandani Thane half marathon green run

Hiranandani Thane Half Marathon “7 kms Green Run” With my routine work going on, I glanced across my tablet which was bright all of a sudden with a pop-up notification ‘Reminder: HTHM 7 kms Green Run Marathon’.  I had added the reminder so as to make sure I do not schedule anything on this date of…… Continue reading Hiranandani Thane half marathon green run

7 myths of email marketing

7 myths of email marketingclick to enlarge imageYou can read the entire story at PR Daily linkI loved this infographic, so thought of sharing it with all of you too.Do you read emailers from companies or brands that you receive? How frequently do you open them and or click on them? Do share your views…… Continue reading 7 myths of email marketing

Saving Mr.Banks, movie review

I have been a fan of Disney and Walt Disney from the time I can recollect being able to recognize people, objects and colours as a child growing up…….. In fact, Mickey Mouse is standing right by my workstation looking at me as I am typing this review of “Saving Mr.Banks” wherein the movie characters include…… Continue reading Saving Mr.Banks, movie review

Sweet Baby Experiences Rain for the Very First Time

“Sweet Baby Experiences Rain for the Very First Time” I saw this video going viral and could not help sharing: Sweetness, innocence and the joy of ‘little things’ in life is so huge, immense and immeasurable. Simply priceless. Recent Posts: Happiness and ability to adapt are both integral part of our lives Facebook turns 10…… Continue reading Sweet Baby Experiences Rain for the Very First Time