About Me Ananth V

About Me: Ananth V

3 time CMO ASIA Winner – Digital Marketing and Social Media

Best digital marketing professional In India Ananth V

Quick Profile Highlights:

Awards & recognition’s:

17+ Years of Corporate & professional experience with High profile Organizations and Brands across Industries and Countries.

Catered to 70+ clients across 7 countries (India, USA, UK, UAE, Austria, Australia, Spain) delivering digital marketing social media ROI solutions.

Have conducted Corporate Training, Workshops, Courses and Seminars for 9,500+ participants on Digital Marketing, Social Media ROI, Entrepreneurship, Retail, Lifestyle, Luxury Management, Leadership and Employee Advocacy & employee engagement across 27 cities in India for some of the top corporate and elite academic institutions.

INFLUENCER: Digital Marketing and Social Media Influencer on Twitter, Blog, Facebook, Instagram for some of the Fortune 500 companies, top corporate and elite academic institutions across the globe!

If you would like to reach me for Customized “Digital Marketing Consultation and Social media campaign Solution design” or as a Social media influencer: Feel free to email “socialmedia@techdivine.com” or Call: Vishal T – +91-08097914439 to know about available time and dates for events, workshops, seminars or one-on-one meetings for customizing corporate marketing digital solutions.

For more info: www.ananthv.com


More details and information about this site and related posts:

I am a Social media influencer and have designed and been an active part of both, “promoted and sponsored campaigns for Tweets, Facebook Posts, Blog posts, Creative Writing”, etc for brands across Industries and countries.

In case you would like to reach me for writing a Customized Campaign / Blog Post / Press Release or for increasing your brand engagement and reach, planning, designing Contests and trending topics on social media for your brand etc, do drop in your comments in this blog page to me & I will get back to you within 24 hours.

In this site, the sponsored content can be found under the category tagged as “Sponsored”.

Other credentials: 

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Connect with Ananth V on – Twitter  Amazon: Social media marketing BookLinkedIn Facebook



Under any circumstances for any reason at all, if you wish your content or image or article or link to be removed, please drop in a comment or reach me across any of the social networking sites shared in this blog and we will look into the same at the earliest and would do the needful. 

“I Love working with Brands and technology products.

An avid runner, ambidextrous and straight edge. Passionate about writing, sketching, playing musical instruments and photography. I love collecting Merchandise and memorabilia of “Mickey Mouse, Star Wars & Comic Books too.”

I strongly believe that “Life has a way of balancing itself” and that the learning curve never ends.

Ananth V NLP

Feel free to connect with me across social sites online – Join me on – FacebookTwitterLinkedInInstagramPinterestSlideshare Personal Blog writingPersonal Blog ArtPersonal Blog Mobile Travel ClicksInternational CG worksCorporate BlogAmazon



Life doesn’t cheer the meek, the timid or those content with their fifteen minutes of fame. It applauds the dreamers, the adventurers, those who swore to rise above horizons.

For only those bold enough to chase them are the ones who finally catch them. 

It does not matter where you are today, it doesn’t matter where you were and it surely doesn’t matter where you are going to be in the coming years……. The only thing that matters…is the legacy you finally leave behind

DID YOU become all that YOU are capable of becoming?

Did you achieve your DREAMS while all around you thought you were chasing illusions!

Go ahead….dream on….make it happen!

Life has a way of balancing itself!

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