Top Performing Employees Power Premium Training Programs across Corporate

Top Performing Employees Power Premium Training Programs across Corporate

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Employee Corporate Training Programs Digital Marketing

IIM Indore PGP participants: Digital Marketing ROI by Ananth V – September 2016


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Employee Corporate Training Programs Digital Marketing IIM Indore PGP participants: Digital Marketing ROI by Ananth V


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Guinness World Records as The Worlds Smallest Stop Motion Film

Guinness World Records as The Worlds Smallest Stop Motion Film

When Nanophysicists decide that they need to have a little fun, they end up bringing together scientists who move atoms by using their scanning tunneling microscope and make a movie which goes into the Guinness World Records as the Worlds Smallest Stop Motion Film.


Straight from IBM Research:

A Boy And His Atom: The World’s Smallest Movie



Be Well

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#55SecsOrLess To Read: 5 Branding tips for content marketing using digital marketing

#55SecsOrLess To Read: 5 Branding tips for content marketing using digital marketing

It’s no longer enough to have relevant and quality content. With scores of writers across websites writing exceptionally valuable and resourceful articles to extremely poor articles tells us that it’s not just about content anymore. Your network, contacts and connect makes a lot of difference when it comes to Branding yourself and your content to reach out across the right set of audiences.

Here are quick 5 Branding tips for content marketing using digital marketing:

#55SecsOrLess To Read: series starts for this post here:

content marketing digital marketing

Trending and Optimized: Write about Topics that are trending, relevant to your industry and valuable according to your readers. Do it constantly. Consistency is the key. Use the right keywords for optimized SEO.

PPC: Use Pay Per Click advertising models to reach out and promote across Facebook posts, Blog articles etc using Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, LinkedIn Advertising and re-share your content across these platforms.

Tag: Tag your friends and peers once in a while, eg. once in two months etc so that they are not annoyed via forced reciprocation to share your articles. Also, ensure to sincerely ask their views on the same (tag users who are related to that industry and use the destination site. Eg. They might be very active on instagram and twitter but not on LinkedIn or blog.) 

Reciprocate on sites like Twitter promptly: If you tag users, ensure you re-tweet or share their posts or add your comments too. There are too many users who keep incessantly tagging you to promote their content but when you do the same, they simply acknowledge with a reply to you and do not re-share or actually engage with the post on the destination site. Be aware and stay away from such users.

Use Rich media: Use images, infographics, video embeds, links etc to help them connect the topics and have a rich content consumption with relevant visuals.

Hope you found this useful.


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#55SecsOrLess To Read: 7 tips for planning your Pay Per Click Digital Marketing campaigns

#55SecsOrLess To Read: 7 tips for planning your Pay Per click digital marketing campaigns

Pay Per Click PPC Campaigns

Pay Per Click campaigns or (PPC) as they are popular known among digital marketers, helps you as a Digital Marketing professional or an Organization or as a BRAND, to deliver optimized results. But the focus needs to be your GOALS and or Objectives.

#55Secs Or Less to Read Series begins here for 7 tips for planning your Pay Per Click Digital Marketing campaigns:

  1. First decide on your goals, then your target audience and only then focus on the platform or PPC model to use.
  2. Your industry will also decide on the responses from the PPC campaign, so understand your customer’s behavioral and response patterns well. For eg. for a Mental wellness or for Financial investment, asking a user to engage with you on a public platform might not be the right and subtle approach. Give them an option via your PPC campaign to connect discreetly and securely converse with you about their pain areas.
  3. Focus on target audiences based on digital marketing social media analytics and metrics. While creating an ad online,focus on “their areas of interest” rather than only across metrics such as location, age group, gender etc.
  4. Don’t randomly create a long term budget and automated ad. Rather, create ads on a day to day basis and monitor their reports daily to see what’s working and what’s not.
  5. Content plays a crucial role. Ensure your ad has valuable content that you as a brand or a marketer can offer to your end users. Remember, at all times, it’s about being social too.
  6. Customized Facebook ads can be optimized for various objectives, focused Google adwords can deliver results across targeted users, Twitter ads and gamification can do wonders when combined as one and so on.
  7. Ensure your site links are mobile optimized and your landing page has all the relevant data your prospect will need when they click on your ad. Keep their enquiry process or user experience on your landing page as simple as possible.

Hope you found this resourceful.

Feel free to reach me for your queries on Customized Digital Marketing social media campaigns

Have a wonderful day ahead.

Ananth V

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The Pilot, brings you a world without language barriers @waverlylabsinc

The Pilot, brings you a world without language barriers @waverlylabsinc

The Pilot Waverly Labs wearable technology language translator

The Pilot Waverly Labs

I love brands and technology products. Obviously, I am a big fan of wearable technology too.

But at the same time, I don’t enjoy if it takes out the “human connect and feel” from the experience. For eg. there is an innate joy in learning languages. Even if they are merely few key phrases from a different language, I enjoy speaking and or using those key phrases. It somehow creates an immediate connect.

When you learn someone’s local or native language and communicate, they are always joyous. I guess, it’s the effort that someone puts towards being a part of their culture, tradition, experience and of course, their native language too that helps in creating a mutual comfort.

Last year, I had joined French classes to formally learn the same and even though I ended up missing 65% of the sessions due to my rigid travel schedule, I still can start a conversation with someone in basic French and converse may be for few minutes or so. I do try to visit and update and or upgrade my language learning skills from time to time too. In fact, my passion for learning languages has always been that way. Which is why, few years ago, I even got together with few of my peers, friends and colleagues to start a free language learning site where we shared few quick and key phrases that we had learned from different places and from meeting new people across countries, cities during our travel etc and posted them as a blog post, here is the link to that site: Learning Languages

Well, then why am I discussing this all of a sudden now?

Because, I happened to come across this lovely, wearable technology video and site that is beautiful with an ergonomic design and it assists people in communicating with each other by breaking down the language barrier.

Most importantly, it helps you avoid the awkwardness and dead air as you browse through the language translator book or app instead of looking at the person with whom you are actually conversing. Why? Because, all you need to do apparently  is look at them and speak in your own language and “The Pilot” translates it via their earpiece into the language they are comfortable conversing in. Wow!

This wearable tech is called, “The Pilot” from Waverly Labs Inc.

It combines “wearable technology with machine translation” and is said to be the “world’s first smart earpiece” which translates between users speaking different languages.

A world without Language barriers

It comes with an additional earpiece for wireless streaming music and an accompanying app, which toggles between languages.

About Waverly Labs: An innovative consumer electronics company created in 2014. 

Check out their awesome video here:

I know, with technology, there is always a part of the human connect missing, I agree.

But think about it this way, you can take your time out to learn new languages and have beautiful conversations with people across the globe, but when you are in a hurry and are visiting a foreign land for a brief period, a device as this one, could break down so many barriers as it brings you face to face communication with someone in a language that they are comfortable interacting and engaging into conversation with.

The Pilot Waverly Labs wearable technology language translator

The Pilot Waverly Labs wearable technology language translator

Do share your thoughts about this cool product, would love to hear from you.

Meanwhile, if you too, like me, enjoy sharing few quick and interesting phrases from various languages and would like to share a blog post on a language that you love speaking or communicating in, do feel free to drop a comment and you too can post a Guest Post here the link to Learning Languages (It’s a free site on a  free domain purely created for the fun of learning something new, especially for those who travel across countries and are always on the go!)

Be Well

Ananth V

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#55SecsOrLess To Read: 5 ways to invite legal ramifications in digital marketing

#55SecsOrLess To Read: 5 ways to invite legal ramifications in digital marketing

With so much of content being generated and available online, it’s only obvious to have an urge to re-share content that you find is useful, insightful, engaging and resourceful.

But there are rules to follow and abide by when it comes to promoting your own “ADS” using someone else’s content without their permission.

I love when users and readers re-share my content. I always make it a point to THANK THEM one way or another. 

At the same time, I am strictly against using someone else’s content for generating your own business or promotions without their written approval to do so, especially with auto-redirect url’s.

#55SecsOrLess to Read series BEGINS HERE for this post5 ways to “invite legal ramifications” in digital marketing and sabotage your brand:

pablo (2)

  1. Use others content or blog posts without their permission and add your own ADVERTISEMENTS with it with no due credit.
  2. Use someone else’s brand name or website link to push or boost your own brand as a “hidden url link that auto redirects to your sponsored site”. This is the worst of all, since in the above case you can at least remove the content if the brand or user opposes it and your promotion format is out in the open!
  3. Share contact details of your customers and or clients online.
  4. Tag digital influencers or social media users or professionals online with a sponsored creative ad without their permission. 
  5. Running a business and not familiarizing with the core rules of doing so. Repeating offense without any thought about it’s legal ramifications especially when third parties are involved and offended.

Of all the points above, point no.2 is worst.

Ignorance of the law is no excuse!

So ensure that you do not do any of the above 5 points to safeguard your brand and others. Grow with Mutual respect and recognition. Every one is putting their heart and soul into building something wonderful. Don’t take undue advantage. Instead, work amicably and grow together.

Have you experienced something like this? Do share your views.

Do share your thoughts, would love to hear from you.

Be Well

Ananth V

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First ever Movie trailer made by Artificial Intelligence using IBM Watson #WhatIsMorgan @MorganMovie

First ever Movie trailer made by Artificial Intelligence using IBM Watson #WhatIsMorgan

Can Artificial intelligence help computers create? This has been a question on our minds for a long time now. Well, in a very first of it’s own, IBM Watson which uses and functions on Artificial Intelligence (AI) has created the world’s first AI generated Movie Trailer on it’s own.  

Morgan is an upcoming American science fiction thriller film directed by Luke Scott and it’s written by Seth Owen. 

Morgan #WhatIsMorgan First Ever Movie Trailer by AI using Artificial Intelligence IBM Watson

Morgan #WhatIsMorgan First Ever Movie Trailer by AI using Artificial Intelligence IBM Watson

Basic Plot: Morgan (played by Anya Taylor-Joy) is created and raised in a laboratory environment by a group of scientists soon starts to defy nature with her super-human qualities. She starts walking and talking within one month and becomes self-sufficient after just six. What transpires after, seems to be a gripping sci-fi story line. 

As integration of digital and marketing are growing leaps and bounds each and every day, it was only fitting for 20th Century Fox to approach IBM’s Watson to create the very first movie trailer using AI technology.

 Sounds poetic, doesn’t it?  

Well, here is the very first Movie trailer made by AI using IBM Watson for “Morgan” (with details and insights into the making of this one of a kind epic moment “Trailer”):

For creating and or feeding data or an experience sort of and to familiarize Watson with such creative content and media, the team at IBM’s scientists and research have utilized by integrating the Watson APIs experiential features coupled with machine learning techniques and analyzed hundreds of horror/thriller movie trailers. 

Learn More:

Movie is scheduled for release In Theaters – September 2, 2016

Cast: Kate Mara, Anya Taylor-Joy, Toby Jones, Rose Leslie, Boyd Holbrook, Michelle Yeoh, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and Paul Giamatti

So what do you think? What would be the next big move from AI?

Do share your thoughts, would love to hear from you.

Be Well

Ananth V

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Connect with Morgan Online:
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Morgan | IBM Creates First Movie Trailer by AI [HD] | 20th Century FOX
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14 tips: How-to boost engagement with awesome content marketing

14 tips: How-to boost engagement with awesome content marketing

Did you know, more than 35- 40% of visitors across majority of the sites leave the website spending less than 30 seconds on the page?

It’s no longer enough to get users to click on your website or blog link. Today, it’s core to ensure that they are inspired to stay and consume more content! Not only that, but also have a conversation and or engage with you across platforms that they are comfortable with.

pablo (1)

Here are 14 tips to assist you in empowering your content marketing plan and or strategy across platforms:

  1. Analytics and metrics: Read your Blog dashboard site statistics, website and google analytics, social media metrics etc to understand what users are searching for the most on your site and which keyword and or redirect website url sends more users to your site.
  2. What works, do more of it: Look closely at which posts, or article or images or video clips generate more users to visit your site rather than simply re-share or re-tweet or like your content. Impressions is good, engagement with goal conversions are always better, since it defines and gives you a purpose towards what you are doing as a digital marketing professional or a content marketer etc. If you feel something is working well, do more of it, but don’t overdo it. At the same time, don’t try to change something just for the sake of it unnecessarily, if something seems to be working well.
  3. ‘WHEN’ matters: Go back to site analytics and measure across dates, days and time and have a clear understanding about, “when” such clicks delivered more visits across your profile, pages, website and or blog and compare that with users who spent time on your site including active site users.
  4. Content Marketing Calendar: Create a content marketing calendar spread across different dates, time, days, social networking sites, blog posts etc and start sharing content based on your learning from insights. For eg. if your metrics tell you that users are searching for digital marketing, social media etc and ending up on your site during 11 am to 4 pm during Wednesdays, then ensure to make posts live during such times when your readers and or social influencers are online or most active. 
  5. Relevant is more important than Exceptional: Just creating exceptional content is no longer enough, it’s equally important to ensure it’s relevant content shared at the right time across proper mediums to focused or targeted users. For eg. when you are discussing digital marketing or social media training or blogging related topics, giving readers inputs based on real experience to help them value add to their own brand is a great way to be genuinely resourceful. For eg, Here are 12 things to do with your blog to build it into a powerful brand.
  6. GRATITUDE: When someone re-shares your content, every now and then, ensure to acknowledge the same in some way and reciprocate a THANK YOU or a shout-out to them too.
  7. Take ownership of your content and views posted: Make sure the content you share at all times and the language you use are politically correct. Irrespective of your views and opinions, as a publisher, you need to take serious note and responsibility of your actions and content posted at all times. 
  8. TALK, Invite and Engage: Ask questions, share call to actions and engage your end users, readers, prospects and customers across platforms with a sincere and genuine value-add and do so consistently.
  9. Easy to read, easy to re-share: Make your site and or content shared user friendly to engage, eg. quick social sharing buttons, etc
  10. More real-time & less automation: Respond in real-time, be professional when you do so. For eg. just for the dire need to sound “cool”, using slang is a very poor and unprofessional way to communicate. Even if your brand is all about cool, there is always a line that you do not cross with your prospects or customers.
  11. Invest: Find out which delivers better value, Pay Per Click campaigns or Organic reach via SEO, etc in terms of increasing site visitors or across social posts to consume your content online and invest in the same. If you don’t invest in your brand, no one else will. 
  12. Quality of content: Use good quality images, re-check quality and language of your posts, invite users with excellent credentials to guest-post or tag and engage with your brand.
  13. Don’t mix content with casual: Maintain separate personal and professional page, profile, corporate site etc at all times. Just because you might be maintaining your personal facebook profile and your professional page, does not mean it’s alright to have just a single profile to serve both the purposes. For eg. over a period of time, your friends and peers (who are most probably on your facebook profile will eventually get annoyed with your professional posts and sales pitch). Similarly, no one on your LinkedIn profile will most surely be interested to know what you did during your vacation time unless that is relevant to what you do as a job. In fact, it’s also advisable to create separate blog or websites if the content you are discussing are very different and will most probably have totally different audiences. Eg. If you enjoy comic books or running or learning new languages or mobile or travel photography or digital art etc, keeping them separate from your Professional blog and your personal blog would be a great start.
  14. Useful topics that are easy to consume: Adding topics about How-to, step by step guides, case studies, story telling content integrated with your topic’s theme with relevance etc are great way to create valuable content for your readers. 

There is so much more you can really do with amazing content marketing for higher engagement.

What is your strategy for the same? Do share, would love to hear from you too.

Do share your comments and views on this,would love to hear from you.

Be Well

Ananth V

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Using Automated tools,embracing Big Data for higher quality life and rich business solutions

Using Automated tools,embracing Big Data for higher quality life and rich business solutions

“We are already living in anticipation of the next moment, in other words, we are already living in the future in our minds”.

pablo (25)

This post looks into:

  • An actual case scenario of human errors and it’s obsession with technology, upgradation, that cost a big organization millions of dollars instead of focusing on the simple issue.
  • Channeling technology and automation to improve our lives and most importantly to help us THINK better and more! 
  • While empowering our organization with automation and predictive analysis, ensure to not miss the Big picture by limiting our queries to close ended questions.
  • Using Technology to empower not just our education, but also our “approach and way of learning“.

Here are few things that we can do today to ease our lives, improve our quality of life, empower customers with more customized solutions, free our mind and brain to THINK rather than worry about technology through customized automated solutions. 

Create a KRC: Knowledge Resource Center:

Information was and will always be the most powerful tool with mankind at any given point of time, there are no two ways about it.

So, while using Big Data metrics, consumer research insights and empowering analytics across digital space, as an organization; the first thing to do today is focus on knowledge acquisition followed by knowledge dissemination. Thereby, creating a content driven value-add solutions for your customers, prospects and end readers. 

Increase quality of life:

What has metrics and or automation to do with “increasing the quality of life”? Well, everything to be honest.

Why and How?

Every aspect of life has two sides to it. The good and of course the bane.

pablo (26)

Technology has always been in the line of fire at every stage, era and decade for it’s power to obliterate the world. But the rapid expansion of technology has empowered us as human beings to not only increase production, improve quality of products, reduce margin of errors, but also to make significant contribution in the field of health care, thereby being directly responsible for improving our lives. On similar lines, when brands and or organization’s understand analytics and metrics better, they can in turn understand their customers needs much better.

To give you a simple example, I recently met with a senior professional who was part of a research team from one of the biggest multinational corporations. They were into Housing, Infrastructure and related solutions. He expressed that they were having lots of issues from customers every now and then complaining about the quality of their houses which seemed to be growing in the past 2 years. To be precise, these issues and complaints were about “the walls of the houses“. He also told me that they had used every single technological upgradation to ensure that the quality of materials used in housing is state of the art. They had spent millions of dollars in the past 2 years across research about infrastructure innovations and changes, their head of department had visited 14 countries to see few other innovative projects and housing solutions, they had spent millions in upgrading technology related amenities for their customers like, state of the art security features, motion sensor lights and automated air conditioners that work based on the weather etc, but nothing seemed to improve or reduce the complaints. 

“Sometimes, we are so caught up and or obsessed with technology, that we miss the obvious”

I asked him two simple queries:

  • Were these complaint’s constantly coming from across the globe or a country or a specific city or even across specific locations? His response was: “Across the globe.” Now with this information, I could have just gone ahead with some other query, but I wanted to know more and as I pondered, I asked my second question, because somehow I felt, there was something missing wrt the locations even though he expressed that this was a general issue across the globe. So I asked:
  • Which locations? And he immediately took out his spreadsheet and shared few details. As he kept sharing the names of those locations, I started noting them down and realized, these were all tropical locations and as I kept asking few more queries wrt demographics, time or season’s when these issues seem to be more, I realized that people complained more during damp weather conditions and all these complaints were coming from locations that were coastal and or very closely located to the beach or ocean areas. And immediately, the executive’s eyes lit up as he realized that the paint (which was not the organization’s product) but was offered as a free solution to these housing projects were not taking into consideration the “type of paint” used. It seems certain types of paint though they look very glossy and or amazing, do not suit certain weather conditions, especially dampness in the walls. Which was overlooked by the company as they bought the paint in bulk across all their projects for a massive discount. But this “general or bulk discount” was ending up costing them more in terms of brand reputation and project quality.
  • Any and all information if received only in part is always an issue and concern. So, as an organization, get deep into customer insights and use it to understand what they perceive as value prior to making our own assumptions. Most importantly, do not let technology take you for a ride, rather sometimes think and use these tools only to help you save time to connect and understand the real problems. 

Machines are here to help and ease our lives, not increase our burden and dependency: Technology and automation, should enable us to achieve a much higher quality of life every single day especially since:

“We are already living in anticipation of the next moment, in other words, we are already living in the future in our minds”.

So this immediate and far off future needs to be a place where work is not just automated but provides us ample or enough free time to focus on our thinking and rely more on our experience while using technology to create a safer environment with better quality of results across industries and countries. 

I am reminded of a story from Henry Ford wherein a consultant was hired to report and share ideas to reduce cost, improve efficiency in their place of work. After a thorough scrutiny he told Henry Ford, that there is a man in the floor who is just sitting on his desk and not doing any work. To which Henry Ford responded, ‘Oh yes, he is hired to think!”.

With the obsession of depending on technology growing every day beyond control, I think, every organization now needs to have someone who is just there to, “think.” I am guessing, “Chief Thinking officer” might not be such a bad idea. Hiring a person who does not use tools or a bureaucratic or purely process oriented approach, but just their minds. Aha! Now that would be awesome. 

Education: Focus on using technology to increase participants to develop their strengths. Each individual has their own set of skills and weakness. Rather than focusing on rote learning or merely “what’s relevant today”, focus on topics that will help people literally grow as human beings and intelligent individuals (aren’t we supposed to be that species?) This will help us prosper in a world that is no longer obsessed with merely technology and automation, rather building each resource as a powerhouse on their own based on their skill sets and strengths.

pablo (27)

Move beyond AI when it comes to THINKING: Growing as a society: So as to not lose the information and reality behind the BIG PICTURE that is crucial in the process of THINKING ahead across all possibilities:

As we add up billions of data to the world of knowledge digitization rarely do we think of the consequences.

For eg. ROBOT’s! Or Bots or Artificial Intelligence. As more and more organization’s are adapting and integrating robot’s into their systems, there are those who are going beyond Artificial intelligence (AI). They are working on predictive analysis and related algorithms so that just like humans, robots can work and respond based on experiences and create a prediction of analysis, or what we call as gut feeling or intuition for us humans based on our past experiences. 

Here, while using technology and automation, we need to be very careful, for ensuring that such power tools are not restricted to coded flowcharts that STOP the questions when the closes ended responses are received from the third parties.

Why? because, not every time we receive an answer, it is the right answer we are looking for.

Here is an old and popular example of the ‘big picture’ that goes for a toss because of a wrong, unintentional close ended question that received an answer that wasn’t completely true but yet correct in it’s own way.

Once a couple went to a racetrack and bet over $100 each and lost 95% of their money. The next day, the husband said, ‘I am going back to the tracks to try my luck’ and added that ‘I am only going to use my remaining amount which was left out after yesterday’s loss’.

Now this was just $5.

His wife replied, ‘fine, go ahead and have a nice time.’

So the race was on and he had bet $5 in the first race. He won, so he bet again and this kept happening and he kept winning greater odds each time. Finally, his winning amount reached $50,000″.

He was excited to share this with his wife. As he was returning back home, he saw a game house which offered him to place similar bets on some other game. Since he was on a hot streak, he went and put his entire money and yes, he lost everything. The entire $50,000. 

When he returned home, his wife asked, what happened with the $5?

He thought for a moment and said, I lost the $5 too!

She wasn’t mad at him, now, why would she be. He had just lost only $5!

Now imagine this happening over a series of questionnaires added to a flowchart on a computer software system by an organization wherein the executive lost billions but it was overlooked or much worse, another team or department was blamed for this instead of the source!

I love working with brands and technology products, I won’t deny it. I honestly do, but not at the cost of human connect, conversations that help us learn more about each other, our strengths that can empower us complementing as a team in an organization and deliver the best possible solutions for the end users.

We need to be obsessed with technology but not at the cost of the power of the human mind.

So let’s think about this for a minute, shall we?

Do share your comments and views on this,would love to hear from you.

Be Well

Ananth V

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How to design an absolutely blissful journey with ethics for success in the world of entrepreneurs

How to design an absolutely blissful journey with ethics for success in the world of entrepreneurs

pablo (20)

Entrepreneurship is a word that has become a fad. Everyone you meet these days is an entrepreneur. Every day you read the news, there are scores of entrepreneurial ventures that have acquired millions of dollars of funding and in just a span of two to three years have entered into billion dollar evaluations. 

Of course, in the course of next two to three years to follow, as we keep reading about these ventures, less than 35% of them seem to actually survive. 

Sadly, these days, most of the businesses that made headlines for acquiring the biggest or top notch funding are in the news for being shut down or in the verge of wrapping things up or at the most, struggling to meet their stakeholders expectations.

Myself, being an entrepreneur of a start-up digital agency, Techdivine Creative Services, which is now 6.5 years old and that too of a sole proprietorship, the pressures were always much higher and the stakes, well, off the charts! Why? For me to stay alive, it’s always been core to, well, do “business”. If there are no real paying customers, I can’t sustain as a brand or a professional.

The blog post shared below is a brief look into the real world of business from the eyes of an individual today, where not everything is about billion dollar funding or not everything is peachy every day. Perseverance is the key!

At the same time, I have also shared some powerful guides that have helped me grow, sustain and or survive during difficult times. 

Over the years, I have been approached by two well funded brand names in our industry for funding my business. The offers were very intriguing both the times, but after a couple of meetings, it was clear for me that as an individual or even a professional, I could never tie up with either of them. For me, as an entrepreneur, three things are core before I do business with anyone, failing even one of which I can never get into a contract with anyone:

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  1. TRUST: I should be able to trust that individual or business or brand with any and all contractual guidelines and agreements. Why? Because, my bandwidth as a sole proprietor is restricted by my decisions to take a particular risk or business offer based on my current scenario at that point of time. So the hours and resources I can build or design or provide has it’s limitations. Since the focus from my end is always to deliver power packed result oriented goals, it’s core for me to be able to trust that business entity to ensure that my bandwidth is free to focus on the work aspect of this amazing journey ahead. If you don’t love what you do, there is really no point in doing it.
  2. Business: As I mentioned earlier, being a sole proprietor and being a part of a family where my day to day responsibility extends beyond just taking care of my family financially and as the only source of income, the routine is no doubt always daunting, especially in today’s world where most of the households have two or even three bread winners (which diminishes the term and phrase, since they have more than one person doing the wonderful task). But, it’s true for me, because, at the end of the day, I am just another average human being and as an individual, there is always a fear of the unknown. “What happens if” is the biggest fear and question prior to making any decision. This comes with the flaws and limitations of being a sole proprietor because you would not have anyone else with the same stakes as you in the business to take onus or responsibilities. So, it becomes extremely important for me as a professional, or as an entrepreneur, or as an individual to be able to do and transact ‘business’ if my time is involved in the process. As in no room for too many repeated freebies from my end. This aspect and or nature of mine is sometimes seen or imagined by individuals with whom I engage, as ‘me being arrogant’, but honestly, it’s not. I am just fighting to sustain and survive while doing it alone, that’s all. So in all honestly, this has nothing to do with the growth of a business, but rather fear of venturing into the ocean’s abyss at night with no gear and at the same time hoping to find that treasure of riches (which can be successfully delivering tasks at hand) while focusing on the task at hand and ensuring you have enough oxygen to stay alive, keep surviving, while fighting off the sharks and yes, to find the sunken treasure ship! Too dramatic, well, that’s ok, I just felt like writing it!
  3. Ethics: For me the first and foremost focus is ethics. So much so that, even I, get on my own nerves at times. But if there is anything that I have learnt over the years from some of the biggest names in business and entrepreneurship, it is to, never compromise on ethics. Money, fame and fortune will get you a mansion, whereas ethics will give you peace of mind and energy filled with joy to do what you love doing no matter what.

The first thing I learnt as an entrepreneur is to “Unlearn”.

Many of the things that seem to work in the brilliantly beautiful “books taught to us in many of the management schools and colleges” are not even remotely close to practicality when it comes to the real world. Very few management programs and or schools take the initiative to introduce the ‘real industry’ scenarios into their course curriculum. 

Of course, during the course of time, there were many management books, marketing strategies written by iconic legends with decades of experience and yes, biographies of some of the most inspiring business tycoons and highly inspiring human beings that helped me chart a plan to stay alive, make a name, build a brand and most important of all, allowed me to “make the best of what’s available”.

Which in today’s fancy term is called growth hacking

So here are some powerful guides on “How to design an absolutely blissful journey with ethics for success in the world of entrepreneurs” :-


1) Learn from the past:

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something – your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life ~ Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs Quotes


2) Never compromise on Ethics: Develop a clear and ethical framework to ensure that you as an entrepreneur hold the right tools that will not only allow you to navigate through the abyss, but also come back up to the surface with your head held high. Everything is fine when it comes to doing business, as long as it’s ethical. Things to focus while building a policy in your organization that focuses purely on ethics:

  • Your customers are your first and only priority: Do everything possible to deliver the best services that your organization ‘should’ and not ‘could’ offer to help them be more successful. The faster your clients grow, quicker you will grow too. The greatest asset for any business is a happy customer. 
  • Never under any circumstances compromise on your customers or their customers data and information. This is especially true when you work with brands who are competitors. Sometimes a particular brand might request data or metrics of the other. Under no circumstances should you encourage that behavior. Irrespective of the size of business a brand gives you, every data that belongs to a customer should be of the same high value to you as a business.
  • Never swindle: Never deceive your business prospects, try to cut down or cheat them of services or your employees or those helping you to build a network. For that matter as a brand never even charlatan as a professional simply to gain business. Accept what you know and focus on building that as a business for your customers. 
  • When no one is looking: There is a very interesting study done once at a cafeteria of a certain place of business. It seems they were keeping a jar in the cafeteria where people had to put money at the end of their meals. No one was asked to pay at the counter or at the start of the meal. The idea was to assume that everyone is trustworthy and will pay for what they ate. Over a period of time, it was found that there were lot of people who were not paying since no one would actually find out. So they added an image, an actual picture of a person’s eyes ‘watching’ on the face of the jar.  within a span of few days, it seems most of the people were automatically now paying for whatever they ate. This study on Psychology was about “when people are watching” what and how does one behave. In business, always function with a thought that someone is watching so ensure that at all times, you end up doing the right thing. 

3) Empower Digital: Digital media has empowered entrepreneurs to do business from wherever they are. This helps you cut down your costs and at the same time reach out to your enquiries, prospects, business partners without loss of time and with all the right set of tools to get the tasks done. Big Data has never looked more beautiful before. I know, that sounds weird but I love numbers. They have so much clarity!

With the constant shift in the metrics paradigm which is more often than not seen as a burden as it’s constantly referred to as the era of ‘information overload’; at such a time, enabling the right set of sentiment analysis tools, BigData metrics to measure information that is relevant to your business and customers and at the same time even help you with predictive analysis for customer behavior etc can do wonders for your business.

Due to the rise of social media and digital marketing,  customers today literally know more about the brand than the brand themselves. So it’s only fair to take time out, use the same digital tools to understand your customers better and do business that’s not just for that moment, but for a lifetime.

4) At all times TRUST the human heart and mind: Digital is here to help, no doubt about that. But, too much of dependency on digital can at times be risky too. So ensure that from time to time, you focus and trust the human mind, it’s experiences and know-how. This would help you avert any and all risks to a great extent of making an assumption that digital can guarantee perfect predictions and that it is the only answer to a sustainable future. Nothing can or should replace the combination of human heart, intelligence and experience.

5) If you don’t invest in your brand, no one else will:From time to time ensure that you invest in resources to upgrade your skills, know-how and the skills of your employees. Even doctor’s are forced to keep up with the latest in medicine and technology with a focus towards delivering better quality of health and service to their patients. So why not with your customers too? Ensure to invest in constant and continuous learning from the best in the industry to make sure you deliver the best for your customers at all times. 

6) Network and or Tie-up: There are too many organization’s out there which claim to be the best source of networking with business and brands. Some of them even have big names associated with them. Meet them, take a calculative risk, but make sure they are not scams, because off late there are too many of them too. Networking can be a great way to do business. But while doing so, ensure that your “business goals” are not gone for a toss and your policies are in no way compromised to help you sustain and grow as a business. Networking with the wrong group can break you whereas with the right people can make you a powerhouse of business.

7) World of self promotion: We are now in the era of greatest form of self-promotion and especially with the advent of digital space, everyone who is literally anyone seems to be promoting themselves to be the best across their industries.

Which is my case too, for I too ensure to proudly represent my own brand as the Best Digital Marketing Professional in India awardee whenever I share my posts online along with other accolades and recognition’s as a marketing or management professional or entrepreneur.

When You are out there “self-promoting”, now there are two sides and ways to do it. One, to ensure that I do not annoy my friends and or relatives with this professional claim all the time, I have maintained two distinct or separate profiles online. One which is personal, in which I am rarely active and the other which is via blogs, professional brand pages, professional website links etc where I share about my latest events, workshops and courses on digital marketing and social media, client case studies, milestones, new services from our digital agency etc. as these sites are for me to share these accolades and latest news updates. But, at the same time, I ensure that my ratio to self-promotion and valuable content for my readers, customers and prospects is at least 1:3 ((1)Self-promotions: (3)Value to end readers, customers and prospects). I constantly create presentations, resourceful downloads of case studies, power packed guides on digital marketing, branding, marketing research management, social media, blogging, content marketing, entrepreneurship and also share a time when I am online and my peers or users online can reach me for queries and or support in real-time etc. to ensure that at all times, I keep delivering more and more value-add each day.

As an entrepreneur with boost-strapping and growth hacking as your core ideals and points of survival, ensure to balance your self-promotions well.

Don’t be a brand or a professional who only reaches out or tags others when you want them to promote your services. The world is slowly getting more and more translucent as in, with data and metrics all around, things are very transparent. So make sure who you portray yourself to be and who you really are, are the same individuals. 

8) Customer Acquisition cost, Customer Lifetime value: Two very powerful aspects and terms of your business, which you need to be very clear about if you are a growth hacker. Every cost that you spend to acquire a customer needs to be accounted for and at the same time, what a customer is worth to you and your brand also needs to be vividly and precisely available with you as an entrepreneur. These two costs will enable you to understand:

  • What are the different channels that you can use to promote your business
  • Which are the best channels where your customers become your brand ambassadors online
  • What costs are fixed across these two aspects and what revenue streams are constant will enable you to do a lot more and that too with much better results. 
  • They will help you work out the best possible cost that you can “afford” to offer in terms of value pricing for customers who might not be having big budgets but would be great for your business in the long run and wonderful business relations.

9) Bandwidth: I have discussed in detail about this earlier too, as an entrepreneur, to have a smooth and absolutely blissful journey in the world of entrepreneurship, it is extremely important to understand your bandwidth. No, I am not talking about server space or website server settings or features. Every customer is unique in their own way and have certain way of functioning. In a desperation to tie-up with people, or brands or organization’s for business, do not agree to do business with brands for whom you need to be available all the time. Work with clients who understand and with whom you can work on a common ground based on trust, mutual respect and growth. 

10) Employees or consultants: As a business you might hire employees or consultants depending on your business needs. Always ensure to treat them with respect. Calling them up all the time, sending them emails at the eleventh hour, always making the work under pressure can be a sign of poor management. This will neither deliver good results for your clients nor help you grow.

11) New Industry Verticals: Always understand what your customers are looking out for. Do not push your services because you have them to offer. Rather customize to suit their budget, requirements and needs.  At the same time, constantly focus on newer verticals or for that matter, removing services from your lists that are no longer beneficial to you or your customers. Adding new industry based verticals helps you sustain during difficult times and at the same time ensures you are at the top of your game by developing solutions that your prospects need!

12) Time: Timing is everything when it comes to business. And I mean this in every way possible. Entrepreneurship or business is unpredictable. Those whose ego’s have not allowed them to accept this have either fallen straight on their faces or have given up eventually before having to accept the same. Anything can happen and things can turn from good to great or bad to worse in the blink of an eye. Time is your greatest strength and your ally in the long run. Because, if there is anything that business can teach you for sure, it is that, “anything is possible”. Be ready, be prepared, accept and either rejoice or work towards making things better. 

13) Learn and Read: Nothing beats hard work and having the right information at the right time. Constantly read business and management articles, books, magazines and stay updated with the latest news, industry trends and that will not only add value to your business but also empower you during discussions and as a professional. 

14) Freebies and Premiums: There are lots of tools online that are available for free that you can use for your business. Try them out and see if they work and do justice to your growing needs as an entrepreneur or growth hacker. If yes, you might find value in exploring their paid versions too, if you feel it will add to your success and reduce your overall costs and time to manage them directly from your end.

There are so many more things that you can to make your work a bliss in your entrepreneurship journey.

I hope these guides were useful and you found it insightful. 

Please do share your comments and views. Would love to hear your feedback and suggestions.

Have an amazing day ahead.

Do share your comments and or views based on your experiences too. Would love to hear from you.

Be Well

Ananth V

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