New Years Eve Day as the LAST DAY OF 2016 is here, awesome things to do

New Years Eve Day as the LAST DAY OF 2016 is here, awesome things to do


That’s right. Yet another year rolls by. Is it just me or is it with each passing year, that it really feels as though the days and hours are somehow shorter than the earlier years? It’s simply just blazing past with blinding pace.

Here are some awesome and fun ways you could spend your New Years Eve and the Last Day of 2016 as you ring in the all New Year 2017 and welcome it with a glaring smile.


New Year’s Eve 2017 parties:

NYE Party New Year parties
NYE Party New Year parties

Irrespective of which city or country you belong to, New Year Eve (NYE) parties are happening almost everywhere around the globe. There are dance parties with lovely music, a soul touching rhythm if you are spending it with your loved ones happening across cities and countries. Make sure to bring your dancing shoes and get ready to swing to the awesome beats as you welcome 2017. 

Fun with family and friends at amusement parks:

New Years Eve Day Last day of 2016 amusement park rides with family friends

Amusement parks with rides that are adventurous and  extremely fun are usually open till midnight on New Years Eve. Check out the timings, offers, deals, safety features, rides etc and if you and your family enjoy such experiences, then go ahead and have a blast. The best part about such amusement parks is that you then do not need to run around looking for reservations for dinner etc as the restaurants are right there filled with glamour and glitz.

Theater, Carnivals and live performances:

Theater, Carnivals and live performances

If you enjoy shows, performances, theater, plays etc then book your tickets in advance for these live shows in theater’s as they get filled in very quickly. Have a relaxed time watching what you enjoy.

New Years Eve (NYE) Fireworks with exotic Cruises and exquisite dining experiences:

New Years Eve (NYE) Fireworks with exotic Cruises and exquisite dining experiencesNew Years Eve (NYE) Fireworks with exotic Cruises and exquisite dining experiences

Watch the fireworks from Cruise specially designed for New Year’s Eve exotic cruise experience, with great dining and music. Enjoy delicious meal options, take a lovely ride as you sit back, relax and cruise with a visual treat for your eyes as your city celebrates the New Year’s Eve with lovely fireworks.

Adventure and or camping:

Adventure and or camping

If adventure is what you seek, then you could check out some custom designed camping and or adventure tour experiences.

Relax at a resort with your loved ones:

Relax at a resort

Resorts are swarmed with families during this time of the year. So check out the types of resort and retreat experiences that you and your loved ones would enjoy and have an amazing time celebrating the new year.

Dining with your family at home:

dining with your family on New Years Eve NYE

With the ever increasing crowded and noisy streets, if you opt to stay indoors this year, then you are not alone. More and more people are opting to stay indoors this year it seems than ever before. Have a wonderful time with your family, dine or order food in, spend quality time and welcome 2017 with happiness, joy and peace.

Read a book, listen to nice music and relax at home:

read a nice book on New Years Eve

Well, this is a home run on it’s own. For those who love peace and quite more than anything else. A good book is a great friend. So do exactly that, read a book or even re-read a book that you loved, listen to nice soothing instrumental music and relax at home.

Luxury adventure trips:

Luxury adventure trips paragliding car rides New Years Eve

For those of you who believe partying, adventure is too relaxing. You can check out exquisite luxury car rides, rides on beautiful boat cruise with private dining, closed knit parties, paragliding as you view sunset, hot air balloon rides etc could be your calling as your NYE experience.


Whatever you choose to do, make sure you do it responsibly, have fun, relax and remember, be safe, enjoy the night as you bid adieu to 2016.

I wish you an amazing 2017. Have a blessed, prosperous and peaceful new year.


Happy New Year 2017

So, how are you planning to celebrate your New Years Eve this year?

Do share your comments, would love to hear from you.

Be Well

Ananth V

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