#55SecsOrLess To Read Why Analytics from Google, Facebook, Twitter cannot be ignored

#55SecsOrLess To Read Why Analytics from Google, Facebook, Twitter cannot be ignored

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Why Analytics from Google, Facebook, Twitter cannot be ignored:

  • Creating digital marketing without Analytics today is like shooting a moving target in the dark.
  • Insights are integral part of a customer journey, customer experience, selection, awareness, decision making and buying process.
  • Analytics and metrics from Google, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, Blogging platforms, Instagram etc provide in-depth analysis of not just prospects, online visitors, but also tells you about the response from end users to your content available online across platforms.
  • Analytics is not about looking at data or numbers, but it is about “interpreting” it
  • We are living in age of information overload. So its not necessary to look at every sites data, analytics, metrics and even across those platforms which you are tracking, ensure to look only at that data which is relevant to your digital marketing strategy and goals.
  • Analytics across platforms tells you a lot about what type of content users and readers today find useful, interesting, resourceful. This also allows you to redesign your content strategy, digital marketing plan and focus more towards clear ROI based campaign ideas.
  • Remember, “DATA is the heart of a digital marketing campaign and CONTENT is the soul of a BRAND

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