#55SecsOrLess to Read 3 ways to kill your digital marketing strategy with digital agencies

#55SecsOrLess to Read 3 ways to kill your digital marketing strategy with digital agencies

kill your brand with digital marketing digital agency

There is no doubt that brands today need “the Best Digital Marketing Professionals and the most influential digital marketing leaders” to help them design strategies that are relevant to their business unless you simply want to ‘convince’ yourself that your digital campaigns can be done in-house with trial and errors & by playing it safe.

At the same time, unless you have a team who have professionally learnt digital marketing and social media with hands-on practical training case study based experience, who constantly invest their time in updating their digital skills and have practical know-how of designing, implementing and measuring campaigns, you as a brand or an organization need to accept the fact that you require professional support to achieve your goals.

So let’s say you are at the stage of hiring a digital agency and are negotiating for best pricing with them. Here are three ways in which you can literally commit brand suicide by hiring digital agencies using hyper negotiation techniques:

The 55 Seconds or Less to Read post series starts from here for this article: 3 ways to kill your digital marketing strategy with digital agencies

1) Hyper-Negotiation skills: You have exceptional sales and negotiators in your organization to get you the best pricing and deals in your business and you ask the said professional to negotiate the budget/pricing/proposal of your digital marketing campaign with your short-listed digital agency. Let’s say they do! There is no reason to celebrate yet! Why? Like every other profession, digital marketing and social media services too requires tools, process, professionals etc that require investment. So if you think you have been successful in re-negotiating ‘cheap pricing’ for your services, be aware that this would affect the overall quality of professionals, tools etc integrated to manage your digital campaigns too. Its nothing personal, its strictly business. No business is going to deliver more than what they can afford to just because you have a hyper-negotiator in your organization. Sometimes, too much “price negotiations” will end up completely undermining the value that your campaign could deliver. Remember, if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.

2) Demeaning & not supporting: Remember, a digital campaign run by a third party agency would require your teams support to integrate services, SEO, tools, etc into your website from your admin team from time to time to ensure the campaign is customized and works smoothly. If your admin or in-house team refuse to extend that support, or treat that team in a demeaning, disrespectful way, refuse to help etc, your digital agency can do nothing more than simply sit and watch from afar! Nobody wins!

3) Know-it-all: If you have a know-it-all approach when your digital agency shares feedback and suggestions and you refuse to incorporate those into the campaigns to customize it as it is happening, remember, its your loss. You have hired a third party agency because you believe that they know something better than you when it comes to doing their job, so have that trust in them and let them do it. Do not interfere. Remember, you hire someone, not because they are as good as you in that task, but because they are better than you.

Most importantly, always remember, when you hire a digital agency, they are your best allies. The faster you grow, the quicker they grow with you too. Work as a single team with no prejudice, after all, it’s your organization and brand at stake.

Have an amazing week ahead.

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Be Well

Ananth V

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