14 tips: How-to boost engagement with awesome content marketing

14 tips: How-to boost engagement with awesome content marketing

Did you know, more than 35- 40% of visitors across majority of the sites leave the website spending less than 30 seconds on the page?

It’s no longer enough to get users to click on your website or blog link. Today, it’s core to ensure that they are inspired to stay and consume more content! Not only that, but also have a conversation and or engage with you across platforms that they are comfortable with.

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Here are 14 tips to assist you in empowering your content marketing plan and or strategy across platforms:

  1. Analytics and metrics: Read your Blog dashboard site statistics, website and google analytics, social media metrics etc to understand what users are searching for the most on your site and which keyword and or redirect website url sends more users to your site.
  2. What works, do more of it: Look closely at which posts, or article or images or video clips generate more users to visit your site rather than simply re-share or re-tweet or like your content. Impressions is good, engagement with goal conversions are always better, since it defines and gives you a purpose towards what you are doing as a digital marketing professional or a content marketer etc. If you feel something is working well, do more of it, but don’t overdo it. At the same time, don’t try to change something just for the sake of it unnecessarily, if something seems to be working well.
  3. ‘WHEN’ matters: Go back to site analytics and measure across dates, days and time and have a clear understanding about, “when” such clicks delivered more visits across your profile, pages, website and or blog and compare that with users who spent time on your site including active site users.
  4. Content Marketing Calendar: Create a content marketing calendar spread across different dates, time, days, social networking sites, blog posts etc and start sharing content based on your learning from insights. For eg. if your metrics tell you that users are searching for digital marketing, social media etc and ending up on your site during 11 am to 4 pm during Wednesdays, then ensure to make posts live during such times when your readers and or social influencers are online or most active. 
  5. Relevant is more important than Exceptional: Just creating exceptional content is no longer enough, it’s equally important to ensure it’s relevant content shared at the right time across proper mediums to focused or targeted users. For eg. when you are discussing digital marketing or social media training or blogging related topics, giving readers inputs based on real experience to help them value add to their own brand is a great way to be genuinely resourceful. For eg, Here are 12 things to do with your blog to build it into a powerful brand.
  6. GRATITUDE: When someone re-shares your content, every now and then, ensure to acknowledge the same in some way and reciprocate a THANK YOU or a shout-out to them too.
  7. Take ownership of your content and views posted: Make sure the content you share at all times and the language you use are politically correct. Irrespective of your views and opinions, as a publisher, you need to take serious note and responsibility of your actions and content posted at all times. 
  8. TALK, Invite and Engage: Ask questions, share call to actions and engage your end users, readers, prospects and customers across platforms with a sincere and genuine value-add and do so consistently.
  9. Easy to read, easy to re-share: Make your site and or content shared user friendly to engage, eg. quick social sharing buttons, etc
  10. More real-time & less automation: Respond in real-time, be professional when you do so. For eg. just for the dire need to sound “cool”, using slang is a very poor and unprofessional way to communicate. Even if your brand is all about cool, there is always a line that you do not cross with your prospects or customers.
  11. Invest: Find out which delivers better value, Pay Per Click campaigns or Organic reach via SEO, etc in terms of increasing site visitors or across social posts to consume your content online and invest in the same. If you don’t invest in your brand, no one else will. 
  12. Quality of content: Use good quality images, re-check quality and language of your posts, invite users with excellent credentials to guest-post or tag and engage with your brand.
  13. Don’t mix content with casual: Maintain separate personal and professional page, profile, corporate site etc at all times. Just because you might be maintaining your personal facebook profile and your professional page, does not mean it’s alright to have just a single profile to serve both the purposes. For eg. over a period of time, your friends and peers (who are most probably on your facebook profile will eventually get annoyed with your professional posts and sales pitch). Similarly, no one on your LinkedIn profile will most surely be interested to know what you did during your vacation time unless that is relevant to what you do as a job. In fact, it’s also advisable to create separate blog or websites if the content you are discussing are very different and will most probably have totally different audiences. Eg. If you enjoy comic books or running or learning new languages or mobile or travel photography or digital art etc, keeping them separate from your Professional blog and your personal blog would be a great start.
  14. Useful topics that are easy to consume: Adding topics about How-to, step by step guides, case studies, story telling content integrated with your topic’s theme with relevance etc are great way to create valuable content for your readers. 

There is so much more you can really do with amazing content marketing for higher engagement.

What is your strategy for the same? Do share, would love to hear from you too.

Do share your comments and views on this,would love to hear from you.

Be Well

Ananth V

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