12 sites: Be the best Digital Marketing Professional with these site guides

12 sites: Be the best Digital Marketing Professional with these site guides

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12 sites to assist you in creating content using social media to boost your skills to be the best digital marketing professional in your organization.

Let’s start with ‘Automation’:

When it comes to social media or digital marketing, always ensure to be online and post in real-time to the extent possible.

Automation and using bots extensively or on a regular basis becomes too obvious to customers online (and is certainly not advisable in the long run). Why? Because, after a certain point of time, there would merely be ‘automated posts’ and no conversations happening from that profile with other’s on these social platforms, the entire purpose of being on social networking sites goes for a toss. This is especially true if you are a brand.

Having said that, these are some wonderful sites that help users schedule posts with ease as shared below: (For complete details, services, you can check the links of these sites too):

1. Hootsuite: This is a wonderful site that will help you automate your tweets and posts across sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. https://hootsuite.com

2. Tweetdeck: http://www.tweetdeck.twitter.com This is owned by Twitter and is a powerful platform to help you schedule your tweets across multiple social platforms; on Twitter for eg. If you are managing your own twitter profile and also your organization’s you could schedule tweets accordingly.

3. Facebook Of course, facebook themselves allow you to automate posts from your brand page.


Creative tools and sites:

  1. Canva:


Canva helps you create designs for Web or print: blog graphics, presentations, Facebook covers, flyers, posters, invitations etc

5. Pablo: You can download and or share creative images with ready-made and custom Quotations.


This is a lovely site filled with images on various topics, subjects, keywords (which users can search on the site and use images that reflect those keywords). You can even customize the image size according to the social networking site you would like to post it in for eg. On the right side of the site, you have options like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc. On clicking them the images automatically get resized to suit sizes optimized for those sites.

Few sites / apps that will add to your creativity in generating rich media content and graphic images:

6. Photo Grid: Photo collage maker (app) – It helps you to edit your images, add filters and do a lot more.

Plus, you anyway have options to edit and or add filters etc on sites like Instagram, Twitter etc before you post them from your profiles.

7. Blog Headlines: CoSchedule:


That’s right: Creating a Headline that is not just interesting, but also impactful and SEO friendly is a great way to get started on your Blog posts. Co-schedule helps you do just that.

8. CLOUD Creative TEXT:

Gratification or a THANK YOU: TAGUL:


When users re-share your content or Re-tweet or like or mention you by tagging you (for reasons that are positive) then you, as a digital marketer can empower your users through this GRATIFICATION and SAY THANKS in a unique fashion to your brand ambassadors online. It allows you to add TEXT (which you can use to add your brand ambassadors websites or usernames or Twitter handle etc) and present it in an extremely creative fashion in various exciting, wonderful and really cool shapes and colours.

Here is an example of the same >>> https://twitter.com/AnanthV9/status/737864194352156672

Analytics and social media metrics:

It’s the age of information overload.

We are living in an age where there is so much data and information being fed to us from all around that it is becoming increasingly difficult to even simply ‘Live in the moment’.

So it is crucial to be able to understand which data or metrics will be useful to you as a marketer or a digital media professional .So you can save lot of time, energy and resource by only reading through that data which is relevant to your business and your goals.

9. Google Analytics: https://www.google.co.in/analytics/

It is one of the best analytics tools there is and the best part is, it’s free from Google. You can track your website and or blog and measure extremely insightful, detailed and valuable data ranging from hits, visitor demographics to an actual ROI conversion tracking online.

10. Facebook insights: Powerful way to understand which demographics has consumed and or re-shared what type of content from your brand. This gives you a tremendous insight to also understand during which time the posts work the best on your brand pages. It also gives you a comparison of related pages to see how your competitors are doing. https://insights.fb.com/

11. Twitter Analytics: https://analytics.twitter.com

Merely sharing tweets is like simply talking without even bothering to look around to see if there is someone listening.

Twitter analytics does ‘power listening’ for your brand’s tweets. It helps you understand which tweets are working the most, which user is consuming what type of content and so much more.

12. IBM Watson: Watson Analytics offers you the benefits of advanced analytics without the complexity. It’s a smart data discovery service available on the cloud. www.ibm.com/WatsonAnalytics

Hope you found these sites resourceful and that they add value to your digital marketing and social media efforts in promoting your brand and or organization online. 

Do share your views and comments on the same, would love to hear which sites do you enjoy using the most.

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Ananth V

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10 thoughts on “12 sites: Be the best Digital Marketing Professional with these site guides

  1. Thank you for this wonderful information.Only one query.By tracking user demographics and capturing the data about what they like can’t become privacy issue?. or in other words as a authenticated facebook user I can say-Capturing my demographics means danger on my privacy!! Doesn’t it?

    1. Yes, perfect question. Which is why sites that track such data clearly ask users either of the two things while they register on the site: 1)They either share all the details of how their data will be used or mention that their data will be tracked for xyz purposes or 2) You might have seen this in many sites: “We would like to inform you that this site tracks cookies” to users visiting the site for the first time.
      This allows users to decide whether to be a part of social networking site and or visit the websites in return or exchange for agreeing to share their digital footprint and related details as mentioned by the sites tracking the same. In case sites track it without permission, it is definitely not allowed and is completely unethical. So as a brand, if you or your organization use these techniques or tools then it is the duty of the organization to ensure that the same is conveyed to the users.
      One of the most common examples that you might have seen of this are the ads that you see on different sites of shopping items you have browsed on third party sites appearing alongside other sites as you keep browsing. These are for eg. remarketing ads that drop cookies the first time you visit their site and track and keep showing you the ads as a reminder every now and then for a certain duration for eg. 90 days or so till you revisit them again and the cycle continues.
      Hope these details are useful.
      Be Well

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