Do you know WHERE TO use the screwdriver? #DigitalMarketing Impact: POWER Post

Do you know WHERE TO use the screwdriver? #DigitalMarketing Impact:

“Power Post”

I am reminded of this wonderful story as I write this post.

It was a bright peaceful Sunday morning and all of a sudden there was chaos near a dockyard area. Workers were scurrying through the place, in and out of a humongous ship in complete dissarray. There was panic everywhere. Needless to say, when the owner of that vessel arrived, the confusion quadrupled. After almost six hours of having no luck in finding out “Why the vessel wouldn’t start?”, the owner called in for outside help.

When this individual arrived, he inspected the entire ship for almost an hour and then took out a tiny screwdriver from his tool-cart which he was pulling behind him and tightened two bolts in the engine area. The vessel started and he turned to the owner and billed him $1000.

The owner quipped, “$1000 for a two minute work with a tiny screwdriver, please give me a break-up of your cost?”

The individual smiled and then shared another bill with him which read as below:

– Cost of using tiny screwdriver $1

Cost of Knowing “WHERE TO” use the screwdriver $999

Total cost: $1000

digital marketing WHERE TO Ananth V

Today there are over 145 million blogs online across industries and countries and over billion users active across sites like facebook. Wow!

Many brand’s seem to be in a dilemma, not because their strategy is not working, but mainly because, they really don’t know the where to behind their digital marketing or social media campaign.

The problem today that businesses face is not just with respect to the approach, but mainly because they are confused about which platform works, what metrics are valuable, what would be relevant content, etc. Which is an honest dilemma, because….there is INFORMATION OVERLOAD.

At the end of this post, I have also discussed an example of a “dummy case-study” that also makes use of most of these points shared below to build a dummy or a sample digital marketing campaign strategy.

So I have shared few steps below to assist you in figuring out thewhere towith your social media campaign:

1) Content:

Just having any content won’t make a difference unless it is relevant.

But, what does relevant content mean?

Is it:

  • Relevant to readers

  • Relevant to your business

  • Relevant to You or the authors

  • Or Simply relevant as a BLOG?

So the first thing to do when you decide on building a content marketing plan is ask yourself: WHY AM I DOING THIS?

Your goals will help you create content that is not just relevant to your readers or your business, but relevant to your goals in planning the same too.

When your content aligns with your goals, it automatically aligns with the interest of your stakeholders and your readers or prospects.

Why? Because it is then a well thought of content, that is also well planned, interesting and most importantly, resourceful to the readers.

2) Metrics:

If your focus is TARGETED audience or Geo based or location based target marketing, then instead of randomly promoting across platforms or creating ads for everyone, try for eg.:

  • Using Google Adwords with Location specific targeting OR

  • Using Facebook ADS – “Near your Business” Advertising feature

  • Use different types of Creative and text messages

  • Use Google Analytics to understand the following:

      • Where (location) is your Site’s TRAFFIC concentrated

      • Compare it with earlier actual conversions for your platform for eg. If your statistics shows that majority of your conversions (sales or downloads or registrations etc) happened from Florida but your traffic statistics from google analytics showcases Sydney, then focus on creating content and ads towards the new location which has brought a much better result for your business and will probably deliver higher ROI for your social media marketing campaign too.

Social media marketing Metrics Digital Marketing Analytics Ananth V
Social media marketing Metrics Digital Marketing Analytics

3) Platforms:

Well, let’s say your goal is to make users download your app. Now just because over a billion people are on a particular social networking platform, does not mean your digital marketing campaign strategy should also be focused only on that platform.

To understand ROI and to ensure you get an excellent ROI:

  • Follow Step 1 and 2 shared above

Once you do that, you should be automatically clear, wait, let me rephrase, very clear on the platform for your digital marketing campaign.

Remember, decision about the platforms comes only at the end. First aspect is to be clear on your goals and then understand your consumers via resourceful and insightful metrics.

Social media is not about hits, likes, follows or websites. It was, is and will always be about people. People buy from people they TRUST.

So Humanize your BRAND for powerful positive IMPACT.

Digital Marketing Social media Power Quote Ananth V
Digital Marketing Social media Power Quote

Hope you found these guides useful. Now here is a dummy or a sample Case Study too to explain or further clarify few doubts that you might be having:

CASE STUDY GOALSAbcD Co. Wants to design and implement a social media marketing campaign to increase the following –

  • Event registration’s and attendance

  • Brand reach and engagement

  • Event reach and responses from attendees

So here are examples of a few power packed strategies that would not require AbcD to have a massive budget and can even be done in-house by their own marketing team:

  • Share details about HOW being a part of this event experience would add value to attendees and help them network with the right group of people

  • Ask users who have previously attended AbcD’s event to share their experiences. In order to GRATIFY these attendees to share their experiences, offer a sincere value-add for eg. The best TESTIMONIAL or Video clip or Blog post article etc by participants would WIN (give them incentives which they would really find valuable and are at the same time, aligned with your brand’s style, tone etc)

  • Ask and encourage users to check-in on their Facebook profile and Tag their pictures with the Event Host and other influential personalities at this event.

  • Feature the Best Picture on AbcD’s company site, facebook page, Twitter profile etc.

  • Having a cool and at the same time creatively professional LIVE Branding Cut-out of your company wherein attendees can take creative spontaneous pictures of themselves and share it online across twitter, facebook by Tagging your brand page.

  • Share content about TOPICS as a ‘value-add’ Blog post, video or an infographic that would interest attendees and sincerely add value to users who would be your primary target audiences. Use metrics, facebook insights, twitter analytics, google analytics to understand your audiences better.

  • Ask users who have been given some gratification at these events (for eg given gratification for tagging or sharing pictures etc) to share a 10 sec quick video testimonial about their event experience. At this stage, users who have already received gratification, will welcome your request as a brand for such experiences.

Well, to be honest, there is so much more we could do with the power of Digital marketing, brand monitoring and Social media today!

Do share your feedback and comments about your experiences on similar lines.

Would love to hear from you.

Hope you found this blog post valuable.

In case you have any specific queries, feel free to drop in your comments below.

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Be Well

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Ananth V

Disclaimer:Please note: This is merely a sample case study and the ideas, strategies, views expressed are not offers or a strategy or consultancy or advice from my end or my company to anyone to follow these steps for your brand and we cannot be held responsible for any decisions taken by anyone. We always plan digital marketing campaign and Social media campaigns for our clients with lot of understanding about the organization, their brand values, their metrics, goals, etc from the brands and then plan a strategic and process oriented campaign goal which is planned, designed, implemented and measured over a period of time.

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    1. Thanks for your comment and yes, I am glad to note the same. I had read that story almost a decade ago and it just popped into my head when I was thinking about the “where to” part which is a big concern for brands today across the globe. Have a great day. Ananth

  1. Amazing Article , It totally explains the way digital marketing should be done . More over the screw driver story has thought me a lesson today. Thank You so Much for posting a great article . looking forward for more .

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