5 tips for designing digital marketing strategy for any industry

5 tips for designing digital marketing strategy for any industry

There is no FIXED solution or one standard solution for any digital campaign? Why? Because, each brand, organization has varied goals, budget, duration, focus and even their customers requirements differ from time to time. So personalized and or customization is core when it comes to implementing a successful digital marketing social media ROI campaign.

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But, having said that, here are five tips that you can empower your brand or organization to ensure that you have the fundamentals covered while planning a campaign and implementing it in the same manner in which a best digital marketing professional in your industry would design and implement the same.

Here are 5 tips for designing digital marketing strategy for any industry:

Analytics: Ensure you integrate Google analytics, facebook insights, twitter analytics, instagram analytics, etc as part of your campaign strategy. Your first step should always be to understand your prospects and or customers journey, buying behavior, browsing patterns, pain areas, interests and affinities. Once your analytics helps you with the same, start by creating content that adds real value to your end users.

Analytics is not about merely looking at and tracking social media metrics, but rather understanding the need based on clear focused goals and interpreting it the right way.

PPC: Gone are the days wherein you could merely focus on organic reach. If you are building a brand, integrating Pay Per Click campaigns (PPC) is crucial to your digital marketing strategy today. So google adwords, facebook ads, twitter ads, LinkedIn Ads, Native advertising, etc needs to be well planned, designed, executed, implemented and consistently tracked through the digital marketing campaign. In case you are wondering, ‘how to decide on the budget for digital marketing social media ROI campaigns, CLICK HERE to read this step by step guide to assist you for the same“.

Omnichannel marketing: Some of the customers or prospects today might find using apps easy, others might find forums, chats, blog post articles or website more resourceful whereas there might be a cohort of users who might feel social networking sites helps them interact and engage with brands in real-time. So having an omnichannel marketing integrated as part of your IMC – Integrated marketing communications empowers your organization to reach the right set of users based on tools, process etc that they are comfortable using. For eg. Influencer marketing, Social media contests, gamification could add tremendous value to your end users when integrated well. Do not miss this Podcast on Omnichannel marketing which shares digital strategy and guides to empower your in-store sales using online customer insights and online shopping metrics for retail and lifestyle luxury brands.

SEO and Content Marketing: Search engine optimization (SEO) today is no longer about “stuffing keywords” into your website. But rather ensuring that your website and or other applications are extremely user friendly, have relevant content, are responsive, have content that makes sense to the end readers, is engaging, original and interactive. Most importantly, empowers you to humanize your brand. So make sure for getting and making the best of SEO for your site, you ensure the following:

  • Make sure your site and content is readable by search engine bots at all times.
  • Make sure your core keywords, tags, categories, metatags, H1,H2, images etc are well structured and have relevant alt text for images, description etc
  • Your url is always bot friendly as in it does not have numbers or special characters within them
  • Your content, title, images used and across pages match what the users landing there would be looking for in the real sense of the term
  • You do not have any broken links on your site
  • There are subscribe options, easy and fully functional sign-in options for users with authentication across sites like facebook, google, twitter, linkedin etc
  • If you are an ecommerce site, make sure you do not have to explain “how-to use” the site. Why? Because an ecommerce site is like a joke, as in, if you need to explain it, then there is clearly something wrong with it.

Social media is not about hits, likes or follows. It was, is and will always be about People. People buy from People they TRUST. So always ensure to HUMANIZE YOUR BRAND

Digital Skill upgradation: Did you know some of the biggest social media or digital marketing success points towards the teams that are working on such campaigns being on the same page, with a clear single focused goal and most importantly are well trained, updated and skilled when it comes to learning digital marketing social media hands-on with a case study based approach. Teams that have a clear understanding that digital marketing campaign success is not just about using the right set of platforms, tools but also having a well defined digital strategy, well planned digital transformation process within the organization, well measured and tracked analytics to see the success, feedback from the campaign ROI results. So ensure that you invest in learning from the best in the industry, read the best books in social media brand roi digital marketing, from professionals who are in sync with what is happening across countries to understand how different cultures use different tools, process, sites, understand and interpret messages etc and at the same time who has a clear understanding of how different industries use digital marketing campaigns differently. Empowering your learning from the most influential digital marketing leader is always a great choice, but make sure you are learning social media digital marketing for the right reasons too and not just because of the frenzy all around.

Digital marketing is not a one time strategy. It is a daily effort with a sincere idea to add value to end users.

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Best Regards & BE WELL

Ananth V

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